Sunday, April 10, 2005

Tao of Pauly Mentioned on

I'm pretty excited that this little poker blog (overshadowed by it's more popular sister site the Tao of Poker) was linked up on Friday in an article appearing on

In Praise of Sploid was written by David Wallace-Wells. Last week, I happened to mention that the new website Sploid was similair to "Matt Drudge meets Gothamist." Well David Wallace-Wells took notice of that comment and grouped me in with other bloggers who also made similar assertions. Thanks for the shout out, David. You now have a new fan and I will pimp your future articles for bringing a shitload of new visitors here.

Finally, this was one of the breakthroughs I was looking for with regard to my main blog. Hits to this site went through the roof since Friday afternoon. Sure, I have gotten a steady flow of new readers via spill-over traffic from my poker blog, which is cool. I'm grateful that my poker friends are reading my main blog. But thanks to the article, I hope to snag a several new visitors.

Not since Tara Reid's dress fell off and exposed her "mutated pancake nipples" did I get such a huge rush of new visitors. Thanks again, David. Don't forget to check out the article... In Praise of Sploid.

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