Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Ashlee Gate and Other Sordid Tales on SNL

Wil Wheaton even sounded off on the latest SNL fiasco. Here's what Wil had to say:
The real story, if you ask me, is more about SNL, and how it traded Andy Kaufman for Andy Dick. The real microscope shouldn't be focused on Ashlee Vanilee Simpson, but should be focused on SNL, which used to be a reliable source of biting commentary and satire, but is now just another predictable, corporate, unimaginative stop on the flavor of the month's publicity tour.
Wow, Wil knew Ashlee's middle name. At any rate he has a huge point. Suits run SNL these days. The musical guests used to be cutting edge. Sure Phish performed back in last 2002... but they also had a new album out and were back from their hiatus. These days selecting the hosts and musical guests are as easy as this...
1. Who has a new movie out that weekend?
2. Which band has a new CD out?
And that's it. I must say that the political humor is still the driving force behind SNL and even that has gotten a little stale. At this point I just watch Weekend Update and dream about that delicious threesome between myself, Tina Fey, and the blonde chick. I hope this incident lights a fire under Lorne Michael's ass.

The Superficial had this to say:
It's bad enough that her banshee sister became hugely popular for having the IQ of a grape, but Ashlee doesn't even have that. She can't sing, she's not entertainingly dumb (she's just plain dumb), and she doesn't have enormous boobs. So basically, Ashlee Simpson is a complete failure and the way she handled her lip synching fiasco just proves that she truly is the lamest individual on the face of the planet. The sad thing is that her career is still probably going to continue and be successful even after something like this. America makes me sad.
What really makes me sad is that more people are talking about that talentless hack than discussing the upcoming election. Me included. And that makes me wonder... are the elections just as rigged as a lip synced performance?

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