Friday, October 29, 2004

Congrats Sox Fans

I woke up in a great mood yesterday... and the day got better. Jessica bought me lunch at the diner near her office. I had a bacon cheeseburger with fries and an iced tea. Afterwards, I hung out with Briana all afternoon, watching White Chicks (friggin hilarious by the way!) while chucking water ballons off her terrace (20+ stories up) and crank calling Jenna at work. But first thing in the morning, I got word from the poker room manager at Sam's Town Casino in Las Vegas that he could host a private poker tournament for my friends and my brother when we all go out there in early December. I was fortunate that Dick from Sam's Town reads my poker blog and happens to have one of his own, Buy It In Vegas. Yep, I still dunno how I got a Las Vegas casino to host a private tourney for us!

But the real reason I was in a good mood was because the Red Sox won the World Series. Everyone knows that by now. And it might freak some people out that as a die hard Yankees fan, why would I feel happy? Here's the deal... I have lots of friends, some old, some close, and others new... who are die hard Red Sox fans, who suffered a lifetime of misery. They all woke up on Thursday happier then some of them have ever been. I am not exaggerating that either. My good buddy Brad called after the last out, and in the 13 years I've known him, I never heard him happier and jubilant! If my friends are happy... then shit, that makes me feel good. So congrats to all you Red Sox fans out there, especially Senor, Brad, Jessica, Bad Blood, the Poker Geek, and SirFWalgman and anyone else I missed. Enoy your championship.

Tis no longer the winter of discontent in New England.

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