Friday, October 29, 2004

The End of an Era: Prom On Mars

Alex from Prom on Mars sent me this email:
Prom On Mars the weekly webcomic chronicling the space faring adventures of Liz and the Seniors of Liberty High presents a very special final strip this week at! For this emotional and gripping finale a holo-buffet of special features are being presented, including:

* New Prom art in the "The Remix Gallery" featuring Alex Alam, Paul Horn and paper Prom dolls by Susan Vosburgh
* Links to the recent PULSE interview (with lots of behind-the-scenes dirt on Prom)
* The return of the complete "Prom On Mars" Archives
* Updated FAQs
* A sneak peek at the new ongoing strip "Total Losers"

And of course...

* The Last Prom Strip!

So grab your virtual loved one and zip over to the MarsTown Hilton for a very special finale at!
So go over there now and check out the last strip of Prom On Mars. Support a fellow screen writer and creative mind. I admire your dedication to your site! Best of luck, Alex.

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