Saturday, October 23, 2004

Wise Briana and Other Horse Picks

Yep it's true. There a horse running in the 11th race at Calder (in Florida) called Wise Briana. Logic would tell me to bet against it... but I have a feeling I'll be picking that horse due to immense pressure from everyone's favorite elevator button heiress. At any rate, she got a great workout last month running five furlongs in over 1:01. Maybe she can pull off a victory today?

Today's picks:
8th race: Groove Jet and Rocknroll
9th race: Rompburger and Captain Lindsay
10th race: Cool Conductor, Eddington, and Icy Atlantic
11th race: Aclassysassylassy, Southern Serenity, Wise Briana
12th race: BB Best, Cin Cin, and CLosing Argument
13th race: Super Frolic and Twilight Road

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