Sunday, October 10, 2004

Late Night Blogger Hijinks

There was another blogger convention on Party Poker. I sat down with Studio Glyphic and Bad Blood at a NL ring table. Soon after, a few more bloggers joined and we had Halverson and Derek on the rail. Of course, a faithful reader... Hank987 stopped in!
The Players:
Seat 2: Bad Blood
Seat 5: Hank 987
Seat 6: Asphnxma from Riding the F Train
Seat 7: Pauly, M.D.
Seat 9: Otis
Seat 10: Studio Glyphic
I dropped a few bucks early when A-10 lost to KQ. I also lost a big pot to Bad Blood's KK with the friggin Hilton Sisters. Can't lay those bitches down sometimes. After four hours of play, I rallied back to break even! By the time I left, Bad Blood quadrupled his buy in. Here's some witty chat:

Dr. Pauly: damn, those hilton sisters blow
Dr. Pauly: trying to crack your AA
badblood: then i'd owe you a painting.

asphnxma: you are so full of shit, I know you didn't have slick
Dr. Pauly: OK, Mrs. Slick but she was soooted.

Dr. Pauly: i could use a thai hooker and a blunt right now
badblood: avoid the one's w/adam's apples

badblood: next thing you know, they'll take my thoughts away
Dr. Pauly: thats bush's job

Dr. Pauly: id like to duct tape (Avril LaVigne) to a fire hydrant
badblood: and then?
asphnxma: no and then!

Dr. Pauly: paris sucks, nicky swallows
Dr. Pauly: wheres alcantfold?
badblood: he watched a movie w/his wife of all things

Dr. Pauly: at this table... got AA 3x, QQ 5x, hammer 7 times
asphnxma: how freaking long have you been sitting here?
aasphnxma: talk about addict

badblood: top pair, ass for kicker
hank987: again I suck
Dr. Pauly: u don't suck, u just lack talent, hank... j/k

Dr. Pauly: ok kids i think its time to go
badblood: you can't go, all the plants will die
Studio Glyphic: for the hooker?
Dr. Pauly: for me to say g'nite and go write
Dr. Pauly: didnt win enough for a NYC escort
St_Glyphic: how about a new jersey one?

Dr. Pauly: See you at the A.A. (meeting) tomorrow Otis
Otis: I'll bring the coffee
Dr. Pauly: and I'll bring the high shcool girls
Dr. Pauly: Bad Blood... see u in hell
Dr. Pauly: hell is being handcuffed to Courtney Love for 8 hours

OK, I was a little loopy. But happy to win my money back! Regular players at our table must have thought we were crazy!

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