Monday, October 11, 2004

No Dingos, Kangaroos, or Shelias... 35th Place out of 84

I friggin blew it once again. I was running good the last few days. I bullied, bluffed, and outflopped my way to two final tables in a 70 and 160 player multis on Party Poker. I was finally healthy for the first time in almost 10 days. I had a gameplan. I had railbirds. A lot of them. Several bloggers and readers turned out to cheer me on. I bored them to death for seventy-five minutes folding crap hand after crap hand. I wanted to unleash LAG maniac Pauly. Couldn't do that when I was seeing 10-3 and 9-6 hand after hand.

It got to a point where I was shortstacked after playing two hands 99 and AQ ( I stole pots with semi bluffs with KJo and KT) and winning just three small pots. I was near desperation... going to push with any ace, king, or suited cards when I was 36th out of 42 players. I had fallen so far behind in chips at a loose table with several monster stacks that I knew I had a shot to triple up with any marginal hand, cause I'd get three or four callers... but having to be all in at a table with big stacks would not put me in favorable position. I should have sat back and waited a little longer for a hand. Alas, poker is a game about decisions and I made a crucial one that cost me a trip to Australia.

Level 4: K2 in the BB with T710. Avg stack at that point was over T2000. I limped in. The flop: Q46. Checks all around in a three way pot with a T7000 stack and a T3000 stack. Another Q falls. Two diamonds and two clubs on the board. Checks all around. The river: 6s. With T125 in the pot, I'm looking at two pairs with a King kicker. I didn't put either guy on an ace, nor a full boat. Missed flush draws? The button bet T50. I moved all in and the third player folded. He called with A3o. Ouch.

My notes had him labeled as a guy who'd play any two suited cards, even calling substantial raises preflop with 97s, J7s, 87s, 82s, 46s... with that information I was itching to move all in against the guy. Bad move. I hate losing and getting knocked out of a tournament when I made a poor decision. I'd rather get bad beated out of a tourney... because that means I had the best hand when I got my money all in. Nothing you can do about bad beats. But poor decisions sit with you and fester. What's more frustrating? Getting no cards? Or getting no cards and making a bonehead move with no cards?

Last time I played in the $600 satellite... I was gun shy. I folded AK twice. I would have killed for AJ in this tourney! Or any Ax suited! It was one of those nights. No playable cards in late position. Marginal cards would have been monsters for me... couldn't even catch a break. I wish I could have a better write up, but when you only play a few hands... there's nothing much to say otherwise. Except... thanks for everyone who stopped by! You guys and gals rock.

Back to square one.

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