Sunday, October 03, 2004

NFL Week 4 Best Bets

Last week I was out of town and I forgot to publish my picks of the week. Not to worry, our experts submitted picks and they'll get credit!

Picks of the Week
Chicago Bob (2-0): Jags +4 over the Colts
Zobo (2-1): NY Giants +& over Green Bay
Dr. Pauly (2-1): NE Pats -5 1/2 over the Bills
Jodd (2-0): The Jets -6 over the Fish
Poker Blogger of the Week... Snail Trax (2-0): KC +5 1/2 to upend the Ravens
Rib Boy (2-1): Rams -3 1/2 over the Niners

Parlay of the Week (0-3): Jets -6, Pats -5 1/2, and the Under in the Redskins/Browns

Upset of the Week (0-2): KC +5 1/2 over Baltimore

Rib Boy's Beating of the Week (1-2): The Seachickens whooped the Niners. This week the Eagles over da Bears.

Week 4: Jodd loves the Jets. Rib Boy likes the Seachickens against da Bears and the Rams. Zobo likes the Giants at Lambeau Field. Daddy from Snail Trax is digging a KC upset. And we all know Chicago Bob loves HOME DOGS!

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