Saturday, October 30, 2004

The Wizards!

My favorite Washington Post sportswriter, Mike Wise, penned a recent article: The Wizards Do Have Some Upside. Wise posed a few questions about the Wizards including a very young Gilbbert Arenas:
Is Arenas the next Isiah Thomas or is he going to be one of those tremendously talented players who never got it done, like Rod Strickland?

Arenas is only 22, so it may be early for the Isiah comparisons. But he is so quick and gifted, there is no angle from which he cannot score. His main problem is the league's main problem: He wants to learn the tricks of the trade before he learns the trade. At some juncture, he may realize that nothing -- not scoring 40 or throwing down the nastiest of dunks -- equals a win on the road against a superior team. Until then, a team that was last in the NBA in assists and first in turnovers waits for its floor leader to grow and take care of the basketball.
It's another great read. Check it out.

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