Sunday, October 24, 2004

Ashlee Simpson Busted for Lip Sync Misplay

I missed Saturday Night Live last night... I was at a real musical performance catching Galactic bring down the house at Irving Plaza.

The annoying younger sister of Jessica Simpson fucked up her musical performance on SNL last night. Here's a bit:
Saturday Night Live was not as "Live" as people expected last night. Musical Guest Ashlee Simpson poorly lip-synched her first song, and then a technical glitch or mistake led to the wrong vocal track being played for her second performance proving her fraud as she stood there confused while her recorded voice filled the airwaves . Simpson's band picked up the slack, attempting to save the show as Ashlee walked off the stage. Just a minute in (on a musical segment usually four or more minutes long) SNL pulled the plug, cutting quickly to a commercial.
Did anyone else catch this fuck up? I love watching talentless idiots exposed for the frauds that they really are!

Editor's Note: You can watch the video clip here.

And here's a related article called In the Key of Fake.

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