Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Buttered Bagels

I like my bagels buttered and not toasted. Most NY'ers like their bagels toasted or with cream cheese. I'm a butter guy. And here's my problem with NY bagelry. Cream Cheese is obviously more expensive than butter... and that's why bagels with cream cheese are a few cents more. I can dig that. However, whenever I get a buttered bagel, I specifically have to ask for extra butter. Why? Because the bagel spreaders barely give you any butter. Some even just spread a tiny amount on one side and that's it. I've seen bagels spilling over with cream cheese yet I also have to inspect my bagels to see where the butter has gone! Since butter is cheaper than cream cheese you figured they wouldn't be so cheap with the butter. Thank God my favorite bagel stores do not charge more for extra butter. Otherwise I'd be wicked pissed.

End Bagel Rant.

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