Saturday, October 09, 2004

Grilled Cheese, Grubby, and Pieces of Pauly

What did I eat today? For breakfast I had iced tea and two mini black and white cookies. Lunch was a meatball and ricotta cheese calzone, two slices of pizza, and a knish. My pre-Yankees game snack were chocolate chocolate chip cookies. And yeah sometimes those fuckers are better than a hit of smack!

By the way, Molly would love this site. Yummy.

The Poker Grub recants an interesting tale about his courtship of a fair young D.C. maiden who happens to look a lot like Natalie Portman. Great piece aout the up and down love lives of poker bloggers. Here's a bit:
But whether the opera or (shudder) the ballet, I was happy to do anything with her.

All of Friday and Saturday I was very bad (you guessed it -- slots & blackjack). I was surprisingly unaffected by the loss; looking forward to seeing Natalie was enough to carry me forward.

I must really like her because I combed my hair, slapped on cologne, dusted off a suit jacket and dress shoes, tucked my shirt in, and ironed my clothes. Not in that order. No tie, mind you -- a grub's gotta be stylish. The last time I've been this dressed up was at a wedding or funeral.
You know that saying, "Lucky in cards, lucky in love." Or something like that. Personally, I think Keira Knightley is fourteen times hotter than Nat Portman.

Wow, as I'm writing this the Yankees-Twins playoff game is on in the background and Ruben Sierra jacked a three run HR to tie the game at 5-5! Insane, eh? The Metrodome is dead silent. You could hear a nun fart it was so quiet. Another Yankee comeback in our midst?

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