Thursday, October 28, 2004

Pimping Friends: Stand Up and Smoke Out

Ugarte has been performing various stand-up gigs in NYC under his stage name Charles Star (Ok, that's his real name... seriously). Make sure you visit his calendar of upcoming events and if you are not busy on Nov. 5 @ 9pm, then go see Charles at Stand Up NY. Sit in the front row, get wicked drunk and heckle him!

Diane is performing next Monday, November 1st at the New School. Here's what she wrote me:
I'm going to be doing a show at the New School. I'll be doing poetry/music (original/new compositions) It's my first show in a while and I'd love for you guys to come out if you can :) Also performing are Claudia Alick and Smokin D'bate which is a hip hop group based in the tradition of the Lincoln-Douglass Debates. And it's FREE! :)

Monday, November 1, 2004, 8-11pm

FEATURING: Diane Wah, Smokin' D'Bate, Hill Factor, Claudia Alick, S.T.E.P.

If you are not busy check it out. You get to see two Blue Parrot regulars performing this upcoming week!

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