Saturday, October 30, 2004

Week 8 Best Bets

Picks of the Week
Zobo (6-2): Detroit +3 over the Cowgirls
Rib Boy (6-1): San Francisco +2 1/2 over da Bears
Chicago Bob (4-2): KC +1 1/2 over Indy
Snail Trax (4-2): KC +1 1/2 over Indy
Jodd (3-3): The Jets -7 over the Fish
Dr. Pauly (3-4): Detroit +3 over the Cowgirls

Parlay of the Week (2-4): Pats -3, Jags +1, Detorit +3
Upset of the Week (1-5): Balt over the Eagles
Rib Boy's Beating of the Week (4-2): Seachickens over the Panthers

Week 7: Jodd loves the Jets and he's sticking with them the entire season especially against the Fish. This week, I'm sticking with the Big D, the Pats, and the Jags as a homedog. Rib Boy likes the Seachickens to whoop this week after faltering last week. And he's picking the better team in an ugly game... the Niners. Daddy from Snail Trax and Chicago Bob love KC and the home dog. Zobo hopes to end his skid and picking the Big D over the Cowgirls.

Week 6 Update: Zobo and Rib Boy are at the top of the pack... while I'm slipping fast. Last week featured some killer matchups. But this week's games aren't ase exciting. I expect the KC-Indy game to be a shootout. Philly and the Pats are the only undefeated teams left.

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