Saturday, October 23, 2004

NFL Week 7 Best Bets

Zobo requested that I post the Picks of the Week way earlier than Sunday at Noon in order to serve a better service to bettors... so they have time to consider the experts options and get bets in on them. I was worried that some folks in my various football pool would change their picks once they know what mine are... but I'm willinging to give them that edge since I've been doing so poorly. So here you go, Zobo... a rare Saturday night edition.

Picks of the Week
Zobo (6-1): Eagles -7 over the Browns
Rib Boy (5-1): San Diego +3 1/2 over Carolina
Snail Trax (4-1): St. Louis -6 1/2 over the lowly fish
Dr. Pauly (3-3): The Seachickens -7 over Arizona
Jodd (3-2): The Jets +6 1/2 over his daddy's Pats
Chicago Bob (3-2): Cincy +6 over Denver

Parlay of the Week (2-4): Philly -7, Rams -6 1/2, and Seachicken -7
Upset of the Week (1-4): Tennesee over Minny
Rib Boy's Beating of the Week (4-2): Seattle over Arizona

Week 7: Jodd loves the Jets and he's sticking with them the entire season. I wish I had the same faith in them against the spread. Alas, I like the Seachickens and the Eagles and the Rams. Rib Boy likes the Seachickens to whoop on Arizona and he's picking a rare road dog, San Diego at Carolina this week. Daddy from Snail Trax is digging a Rams victory. Zobo likes the Eagles and told me that I should, "Bet the house!!" And Chicago Bob loves those home dogs.

Week 6 Update: Bob loves his home dogs but picked the wrong one last week! Zobo is kicking ass. Going into Week 7 of the season, six teams already have five wins while three losing teams have five or more losses. The Patriots (5-0) and Eagles (5-0) are each leading their respective conferences as expected, but there are still some surprises among the very best and very worst teams during the first third of the season... like the Jets and the Giants and the Lions.

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