Thursday, February 24, 2005

Champagne Monkeys

Expect a random post. My brian is all over the map this morning.

It's not even 11am and I am already down $80 playing poker for less than an hour. February has been a bad month for me. My bankroll has been brutalized. Anyway... at least I am getting paychecks, new assignments, and published.

I had an article published over this weekend, a profile on Howard Lederer. I had another article accepted the other day and will be published this weekend. On a cool note, I was given three new assignments in addition to two I am currently working on. Wow, five pieces in the next ten days. I know I can pull it off. I already got pre-paid for one! An email came my way last night saying that a check was mailed out to me for a future article. That's pretty cool... my first advance.

Briana and Jenna both admitted to me that they drink Soy Lattes. Doesn't that make you want to puke?

Thanks to Tony Pierce who linked up the Tao of Poker yesterday to his infamous blog. Not that I needed his help to increase traffic, but there was a spike in visitors yesterday coming from his site. So thanks Tony!

Man, I'm still shocked that my poker blog is getting 6,000 visitors a week and a lot of them are first timers. 14 months ago, there were thirty readers a day. The Tao of Poker clocks in at 1,000 visits on a weekday and 500 per day on the weekends. Unreal. I should be shot. I'm grateful for the spill over traffic that my poker blog gives the Tao of Pauly and Truckin'. I dream of the day that this little corner of the web reaches 5,000 hits a week.

Aside from a few spikes thanks to Google searches for Lindsay Lohan's boobs, Tara Reid's nipple slip, Scarlet Johansen naked, and now Paris Hilton's hacked Sidekick... the readership here is a smaller niche group. In in the end, I am more happy to know that I have thirty or so daily and dedicated readers (like Girtz and Modeski) here on the Tao of Pauly than the swarms of thousands of poker readers. You guys are the first and I'll pull my poker blog before I ever pull this one.

Here's a bone (thanks to Boy Genius): Paris' address book.

Moving on... It's supposed to snow again tonight. Man, that makes me wish I was still in sunny Miami!

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