Sunday, February 06, 2005

Super Bowl Picks, BG-Pauly Gamblethon, Paris' Nip, and The High Life

I'm going with the Eagles. I'm a Jets fan, so I hate the Pats. Boy Genius posted a few fantasy prop bets. I think this is the year for Philly. I got Philly with the points and with the money line. And I did not steal a pair of Briana's Manolos and sell them to use the money to bet on the Super Bowl... like some internet rumors have suggested. She'd shoot me before I snuck out of her apartment with a pair of Manolo Blahniks.

Boy Genius and I are starting up our weekly prop bets once again. If you don't recall, we used to place a $5 prop bet on anything. We gambled on the next celebrity death, height and weight of poker bloggers, Memorial Day grosses for Shrek 2, and even bet on the WNBA. This week... we're gambling on the coin flip in the Super Bowl. He has heads. I got tails. $5 baby! Make sure you read a funny old post of mine called Tony Randall Died and I Won $5.

I caught Paris Whatshername's gig on Saturday Night Live. How many times did she say, "That's hot?" She wasn't that bad, but far from good. She was seriously nipping out in one skit. I also saw two Party Poker commercials during the broadcast. They are advertising it as a "poker school" and flashed a "not a gambling site" disclaimer. That made me laugh.

How will I spend the rest of my morning? Watching Meet the Press (I heard Rummy & Ted "Where's My Pants?" Kennedy are supposed to be on) while playing a little Party Poker.

I also have a few freelance articles to work on this afternoon. I have three pending... a player profile on Phil Helllmuth, a piece on getting thrown out of casinos, and a book review. I'd love to finish all three by Friday.

If I can find the time, I'd like to work for an hour on my fotolog and build a new gallery to post pics of my paintings.

I drank Miller High Life yesterday for the first time in months. After I got knocked out hte NYC bloggers tourney yesterday, I ran down stairs and bought beer for everyone. Mas was especially pysched that I picked up the High Life. I forgot how much I enjoyed the smooth taste and cracked one open in the elevator ride back upstairs to the Blue Parrot. Gotta love twist off caps. For a domestic beer, it ain't too shabby. I've been on a Carlsberg and Stella Artois kick recently.

Lastly, congrats to the Poker Geek. He came in 11th out of 1500+ people on Friday night and won a seat on the next Party Poker cruise. Way to go, dude! I'm very proud of your efforts.

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