Friday, February 11, 2005

Fluffhead Friday

Let's pimp myself. I had an article published yesterday on a European website. It was a player profile on Phil Hellmuth.

How about a funny new blurb? Make me some turkey pot pie, Biatch!! Dare I utter... only in Michigan?

How about a disturbing blurb? Pilot threaten to crash plane into Wall Street. The federalies were not amused.

How about a cool blurb? The new Wynn Casino in Las Vegas will be using tracking devices in every chip. I'm definitely not taking one of those home as a souvenir.

I've always considered getting a snip job. As soon as I get me some insurance I'll look into this more seriously. I shiver to think there might be a little Tao or two running rampant out there.

This is definitely not safe for work... some girl gets caught rubbing one out. Can I give you a hand? Or a finger or four?

If I catch up on some writing today, then this weekend I might be able to crank out both Truckin' and work on Gumbo. That would be nice. I'd be happy to get one done.

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