Friday, February 04, 2005

TowneHouse Thursday
"Pauly, you just got beat heads up by a girl.... again!" - Toni
Toni hosted another round of $40 buy-in poker tournaments at The TowneHouse. I was running a little late and quickly wandered out of Grand Central Station, past the hordes of commuters heading home after a long day at work, and even snickered at the pretentious idiots smoking cigarettes and yapping on their cellphones in front of Cipriani's. When I rounded the corner by the Whitney Museum annex, which is really a public space with gaudy sculptures, I also laughed at a running inside joke some friends of mine have going. I stopped by a bodega, picked up a six pack of Red Stripe (the official beer of the Tao of Pauly), and I was ready to go.

We had 11 for the first tournament (Top 4 places paying) and 10 for the second (Top 3 pay). I took 2nd place in the first and bubbled out of the other. Last night was special because Toby from Nut Heart Flush crashed the event. I told Toni about her poker blog and after taking a peek, she offered up an invite right away. For two nights in a row, I played in a tourney with Toby. By Saturday, we will have played in three in four days together! Pretty random, huh?

Last night, Alma won both tournaments. And yes, I got beat by a girl.... heads up again... and blew a huge chip lead. Yeah, just another night of pink chips, bad beats, and inebriated lawyers.

Toni's pink poker chips

Enjoy the pic for all your curious readers who wondered what the chips looked like. To read more... click here.

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