Monday, February 07, 2005

The Superbowl

The highlight of the Super Bowl was winning the coin flip bet with Boy Genius. It was all downhill from there.

My favorite football team has never won in my lifetime. Broadway Joe Namath and the Jets in Super Bowl III was a few years before my birth. Only wagering on the games makes it remotely interesting. I broke even.

I loathe people who huddle around their TV's to rate and judge a commercial that they will see a jillion times in the next three months anyway. What's worse is all the teasers that you get to see the week leading up to the Super Bowl. I enjoyed watching the Puppy Bowl on the Animal Planet to distract me from the slick commercials.

Al Cant Hang called me from his party down in Ocean City. He was a little bummed out that his boys lost. It was closer than it should have been. All those turnovers killed the Eagles. I spent most of the second half playing poker online working off a bonus, barely paying attention to the game.

I have a shitload of writing to do this week. I'm going to be cutting back my time online this week to work on Truckin' and whipup three or four freelance bits.

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