Thursday, February 03, 2005

WPBT: HammerStars
"When the only tool you have is a hammer,
Everything looks like a nail,
And your living at the Bittersweet Motel."
- Phish
I woke up in a good mood on Wednesday. I had an early haircut scheduled with Vinny and he did a great job. I'm losing my hair so I need all the help I can get. We talked about gambling the entire time. He and his wife go to the Borgata in Atlantic City once or twice a month. He plays table games and was asking me about hold'em, specifically about blinds. Vinny is from the old country, and in his early 60s, he still has an accent. "You gotta tella me about the blinds," he inquired.

On the way to his shop, I helped an old lady cross the street. Seriously, I'm just like a fuckin' boyscout except I have access to better pharmaceuticals and don't wear knee socks and scarves. I knew my karma was going to be improved after I handed a bum $1 as I walked out of the subway en route to lunch with Briana. I was putting out a gaggle karmic vibes as early as possible. I even offered to pay for lunch. She declined, like she always does. Then again if I sold a sixth of her shoe collection on ebay, I'd get enough to buy in to the WSoP and have a little money left over for a cool pair of shades and a bottle of Vicodin. And the rumors that I stole a pair of her Manalo's and sold them to bet on the Eagles getting points is 100% inaccurate. I took the money line.

I offered to stake April H. in this tournament. She wasn't going to play due to an unfunded account. I wanted to get as many bloggers playing as possible and in the mood of keeping up the positive karmic vibes, I transferred her the buy-in. We agreed on a 50-50 split of any tournament winnings. My investment almost paid off, but as long as April H. had a good time... then I had a good time. That was the entire point.

Onto the tourney. I had to play at my Mom's and I left my brother's apartment. The download of YIM took forever on dial-up. I found the chat room and it was a little rowdy. I told everyone good luck and herbally prepared myself for the event. I had my notebook, a pen, and an Orange Gatorade (the official drink of the Tao of Poker).

151 players. $3000+ prize pool. I was pumped. One year ago we had 30+. We've come a long way!

To read the rest of last night's tournament write up... click here. I did the craziest thing ever... with the worst hand in poker... 2-7, I beat the two best hands... A-A and K-K.

I came in 62nd by the way... Derek came in 102. I'm playing in another tournament tonight at Toni's place... the TowneHouse.

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