Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Pot Rush

Doctors think that smoking marijuana makes the blood rush to your head. You get the munchies too. This was the best part:
After a month without cannabis - during which the volunteers agreed to remain in a clinic, with no access to marijuana - Cadet repeated the sonography. The resistance to blood flow of light and moderate users - who usually smoked an average of 11 and 44 joints per week, respectively - was starting to return to normal... But there was no improvement observed in the heavy users, who smoked an average of 131 joints per week.
For all you non-math wizards, 131 joints a week is 18.7 joints a day. I've been good with math recently. All that poker playing and odds calcualtions finally paid off for something aside from knowing exactly how much I owe the chick at the store when I buy groceries. Back to my point on joints... 131 a week is a lot of pot. Let's say you sleep for six hours every night... that's an average of a joint an hour. I'd like to party with those folks!

I once took 100 bong hits in a day. I smoked myself sober while watching four movies and eating an entire sleeve of Ritz crackers.

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