Saturday, February 05, 2005

Donuts News

I kinda snicker at the fact that pimple-faced kids are spitting and putting glass and semen into the items that cops order when they hit up the drive thru. Just like Joe Pesci said in LW2... "They fuck you at the drive thru."

Especially if you are a cop ordering Dunkin' Donuts. Only in South Carolina, right Bad Blood?

I admit that over 14 years ago, when I was a pledge in my fraternity, I dipped my penis into the cup of beer that one brother (a senior who no one really liked) ordered me to get. We were at a party and I was hanging out talking to a few hotties. There are some guys who have low self-esteem (and/or a small penis) so they often try to put you down in front of other people, so it makes them look better. He was one of those guys, plus he was on a power trip... which made it worse. How could a pledge question a brother?

Even though I was one of the most-liked and popular pledges and he was one of the least liked brothers... I had to follow orders. He made me look bad in front of Taylor Quinn, a cute brunette who was the only girl from Alaska that I ever hooked up with. I snuck into the bathroom and stirred his beer around for 20 seconds with my penis. I guess it might have looked funny... me holding a red Solo cup with cheap beer, fresh out of a keg in one hand and using my cock as a swizzle stick with the other.

Damn, I miss the hijinks I used to get into when I went to school in Atlanta.

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