Monday, February 28, 2005

Last Day of February

I don't have to spell Feruary anymore. Thank God. It's the most mispelled month for me.

Hardest day of the week for me to spell? Tuesday.

Least difficult member of the Jackson Five to spell? Tito.

"Fuck the Oscars! I won an Indie Spirit Award instead."

In entertainment news, I won Jenna's office Oscar pool. First place won a bottle of Pinot in homage to Sideways. Gothamist has some pretty good Live Blogging Oscar coverage. Here's a good article about the Spirit Awards called At the Anti-Awards Ceremony, a Definite 'Sideways' Tilt.

By the way, I wish I was this guy! Oh yeah, and this guy!

Recent Poker Playing Music...
1. Shuggie Otis
2. The Grateful Dead
3. Ben Harper
4. Velvet Underground
5. Sam Phillips

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