Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Birthday Greetings

Today is Mrs. Can't Hang Day! The wife of everyone's favorite drinker and poker blogger is having a birthday. I hope it's a good one. Best wishes in the upcoming year. Here's what Al Can't Hang said on his blog today:
31 years ago today, the future Mrs. CantHang was born in Bumblefook, NY. I still can't believe this lovely young lady puts up with all my degenerate behavior. You would think she could at least teach my how to play poker.

A couple people have asked how a troll like myself landed such a fine young lass. Easy, we met at a company 'function' and she was a little tipsy. I kept her drunk for the next 18 months and she didn't sober up until the honeymoon. By then it was too late to get out!

Happy Birthday Princess.

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