Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Uncle Jodd's Band

Today, I have my fantasy football draft. For a second year in a row, Senor and I joined forces and submited a team in the Lamont Jordan Fantasy Football League run by some of Gitty's friend's from Oceanside. Last year, we got our asses kicked after a lackluster draft. Our only highlight was getting the high score one week and winning the $50 bonus.

When I was hanging out with Senor at The Dead show in Great Woods, we decided that we would name our team using a Dead related theme. After some thought, I came up with: Uncle Jodd's Band. There's a famous Grateful Dead song called Uncle John's Band, penned by lyricist Robert Hunter. I just tweaked it a bit, and included Jodd somehow. When I suggested our team name to Senor, he loved it right away. And there began our quest to win it all. Drawing insipration from Jodd and the fat man himself, Jerry Garcia, we're going to go all the way. The league ain't cheap. Some of these guys are complete football nerds. They've been plotting strategy since the season ended last year. We're up against some good general managers out there. Here's what's at stake:
Entry Fee: $ 360.00

High Score of the Week: $ 100.00
Reg. Season Winner: $ 640.00
League Champion: $ 2200.00
League Runner-up: $ 800.00
Man, $2200 for the winning team? Are you kidding me? That's $1100 each for me and Senor! We have to give Jodd his cut too. Anyway, I'm hoping to improve upon my lackluster performance as the general manager of Chronically Blunted. We were doomed from the start and lackluster performances from both Charlie Garner and McNabb early in the year hurt us. This year... we have the second pick. Not too shabby. This year's pick will be simple. I'm taking either Priest Holmes or LaDamian Tomlison... whoever isn't picked #1. Feels somewhat comforting early on. Second round and third round will be the tough in a 14 team league. RBs go fast and I'm hoping there will be someone left.

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