Friday, September 24, 2004

On the Road...

I'm off for the weekend. Today it's Atlantic City and a poker bloggers convention (not really an organized convention, but there will be at least six or so of us there playing poker) at the Borgata. On Saturday, it's more cards and the Bash at the Boat House, thrown by our host Senor Al No Puede Colgar, otherwise known in some circles as Al Can't Hang. Here's the directions he sent me to his house:
1. Take the New Jersey Turnpike South
2. Take exit 6 from the Jersey Tpike toward Pennsylvania Tpike
3. The New Jersey Turnpike turns into the Pennsylvania Turnpike.
8. Follow RT xx for approx. 6 miles.
9. Turn right on Gay Street. (there will be a 7-11 on the left)
10. Turn right on xxxxx Avenue.
11. Look for the fat hippy in front of the house
Some folks have stone fountians, some have pink flamingos, some have gnomes or lawn jockeys... I'm looking for the fat hippy!! More to come.

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