Thursday, September 23, 2004

John Romeo = Asshole

There's this clown in my fantasy football league with Senor. He complains about everything. Since day 1, I've had my email inbox bombarded with his annoying emails complaining about everything. I got fed up and posted the following to our league's message board:
Look, I kindly asked Mr. Romeo yesterday to nicely remove my name from this REPLY TO ALL list. And today I found 4 emails from him. Now, I'm not in a good mood. All this nonsense will end today.

Dear Mr. Romeo,

It is not unreasonable to ask you to simply erase my name from your emails. Frankly, you seem to be having problems... serious psychological problems from what I can tell in this short amount of time I have been bombarded by your idiotic assults on our commisoner and other members of this league. Who the hell are you to think that you can blantatly keep abusing us without any serious retributions?

I hope you seek help. Fast, before you damage to yourself and your loved ones. I don't know you and I never want to get to know someone like you.

Keep me off your email list of whiny complaints. Jeez. You are probably the worst possible person to have in a fantasy football league. You should be proud with your inadequacies, that is you are an annoying jerkoff who has nothing better to do with his life than complain about semantics.

I applaud Mr. Litchman and Mr. Kaye for their work. They do this for free and you could not pay me $2200 to have to deal with selfish assholes like yourself.

If you do win. I hope you use some of your winnings to get a hooker so you can end your decade long dry spell. Maybe finally fucking a $25 whore will do wonders for your inadequacies issues. And afterwards, I hope you use your remaining winnings to remove that stick that's wedged in your ass.

Pauly... someone who's completely tired of your antics
Man, this guy sucks. I feel bad for our commissioner!!

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