Monday, September 27, 2004

Birthday Message from Japan

Emi recently blogged me birthday greetings. Here's what she wrote in English:
Thanks Dr.Pauly, We had great time with you when we enjoying the show together! and thanks pauly, always you rescue us from our horrible seats! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Thanks Emi! I hope to see in Japan next year! My Japanese is not too good. I did not understand the rest of her entry. Maybe someone can help me translate it better? Here's what I understand:
My friend of Pauly lives in New York. His occupation is a good writer and artist or does such a thing it seems. As for him loving the Phish, he chased them 100 times or more. He is rather funny with Tao of Pauly. Of course because it's written in English, it's too long and hard to translate and you become tired, however sometimes when you read there is also a time of laughing. His humor is my favorite and best part of his writing.

He's friends with Zobo. As for encountering him for the first time, it was New Year's Eve 2002, the MSG Phish show. He is a very frank person, always with a smiling face. After the Japan tour of the Phish, he became friends with many Japanese. Funny person. First impression was a good impression in person. 2nd meeting was at the Miami Phish New Year shows. Although it was a long time since we met, for him my face was not forgotten. And he was the usual good person and the funny person when he talks We had bad seats of the third Miami show behind the stage, a high and fearful place. He found us and took us to his better seats. lucky!

As for 3rd meeting, it was August 10th of this year. We met in Great Woods with Senor outside the woman's rest room. It was pleasant. Knowing this type of person always helps... dividing the thinking which is pleasant, giving, when it meets. He's a very delightful person. Always, it was grateful, passed grateful.
As I said my Japanese is horrible and this is loosely translated!! But you get the point. Thanks Emi!

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