Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Blogger Reviews

There have been a few updates from my fellow bloggers about this weekend. Grubby and Helixx posted blurbs about our Borgata Blogger Convention in Atlantic City.

Boy Genius had some interesting things to say about the Bash at the Boathouse. Here's a bit:
After grabbing Derek from the depot, we went straight to the Boathouse, where Internet Celebrity (TM) Al Can't Hang was already in pre-bash preparations. And yes, by "pre-bash preparations," I mean "doing shots with Lewey, Big Mike, and others at 2PM. So with Pauly, Derek, Al, and myself all under one roof, how long do you think it took to get a poker game started? I think they measure frames of time like this one using the Heisenberg Principle, or Occham's Razor, or something. Needless to say, in less than 30 minutes, we had a game going.
And this was my favorite part:
I have never seen guys drink like Al and his boys. Every time I turned around, they were drinking another SoCo shot. And another. And another. Oy. They're trained professionals kids, DO NOT try this at home.

I was telling Pauly this morning on the way to the airport that Saturday happened exactly as I thought it would. I had talked to Al enough online, and had seen pics of him and his wife online that I felt like I knew them already. And so it was comfortable and cool. I expected to see a lot of drinking, hear some bar bands, play some poker, and not get nearly enough sleep for my tastes. That's exactly what I got. And it was fun.
And of course, Al Cant Hang posted a write up of Blogger Borgata game and the Saturday fiesta. Here's what he had to say:
I did make one guy cry with a horrible beat. Really really. Right there at the table. I made a move at a pot where this kid flopped his K with a bad kicker. He called my all-in on the turn after a long time. He flipped his cards and said, "I have the King". I just cringed. I said, "I just have Ace high". Just as I said it and flipped, the dealt put a lovely Ace on the river.

Young guy went completely ape shit. I attempted to apologize for the bad beat (as I was reaching over my newly formed stack of chips) and I eventually just walked away for a smoke. I found his girlfriend (who was sweating him the entire time) upstairs and I told her she might wanna go check on her man.

Later, I made Pauly honest-to-god, "I'm coming over the table", Hellmuthian (his words) mad. I bet the pot with absolutely nothing. A7s. A monster. JJ8 on the board. He thought and thought and eventually layed down the Hilton Sisters. It would have been all golden had I not pulled the ass move of the night. I flipped over my crappy hand. eek. Bad form Al....

....How to know it was going to be interesting? Lewey and BigMike hit the upstairs bar first thing and loaded up a buffet of shots. 4 Soco, 4 Jacks, two Irish Carbombs, and 1 Tequila, and miscellaneous beers. That was just the first round and it's around 1pm. 5 hours til the doors open....

....My blogger guests were truly impressive in my environment. It's not real easy to walk into a situation where myself and BigMike do doubleshots at a quicker pace than most drink their beer. BG slowplayed me by saying he was a lightweight. Don't buy the myth ladies and gentleman. He knocked back beer at a pace to impress certain Texan. Two minutes after meeting and shaking hands with Derek, he had a double Jack in him. Dr. Pauly, of course, had no problem hanging with the Soco and Yuengling. Carter showed up late with a completely valid excuse. He didn't bother to sleep the night before at the Borgata. He wasted no time getting into the swing....

...For the record, BigMike's tab had a total of 22 Jager Bombs. Good lord almighty...
More to come. I will be writing up the highlights and lowlights from Saturday. Stay tuned.

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