Saturday, September 18, 2004

Pauly and the Ponies

I've been called a degenerate gambler from my peers. And those guys and gals are a hardcore group of serious gambling addicts. It's the fall, which means plenty of meaningless college football and professional football games to wager on. But I'm also involved in a horseracing pool with Al Cant Hang and Boy Genius. I'm in last place, but I think I got my groove back. Last week, I picked 3 winners in 6 races. Not great. That's roughy 20% of my horses won. I really dig the creativity behind horse names. I've written dozens of poems inspired solely on some of the more unusual names out there.

So, which fifteen horses do I have this week?
Belmont, Race 6: Derby Fever, Forest Rhythm, Devil's Command
Arlington, Race 5: Captain Corelli, Rush Bay, Space Hero
Calder Race Course, Race 9: Lox and Kippers, Match Race
Monmouth, Race 9: Frisky Spider, Knight of Darkness
Woodbine, Race 10: Bottom Bay, Johnny Magic
Belmont, Race 10: Fiddler's Pride, Kitty Connection, Raffit
I realized I'm betting on two horse with the word "bay" in it.

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