Sunday, September 05, 2004

Recent Google Referrals in the Last 24 Hours...

1. Katie Holmes Punk'd
2. How to shave a pussy video
3. Homemade Xanax
4. Junior's Cheesecake Penn Station
5. Mushroom picking Georgia

If you're confused by all of this... let me explain. I track the visitors who stop by my site. Usually, I'll get the majority of my new visitors from a Google or Yahoo search. Although some of them are my friends who forgot this web address and typed in: Tao of Pauly, most of the time I get hits from general searches: Phish blog, NYC poker, or screenwriter. In the last day or so, random people from all over the world typed the above words into Google's search and my site popped up. I'll compile My favorite Google Referrals Alltime... very soon.

OK, so some random bloggers write Spam Poetry or Spam Hiakus like The Daily Dave has done. I'd like to experiment with some random ramblings, inspired by my recent Google referrals. Here it goes.

I spent my summers mushroom picking in Geogria, and my winters working the counter at Junior's Cheesecake in Penn Station. My roommates were a pair of degenerate pill poopers. One afternoon, they were faded after snorting several samples of their homemade Xanax and mistakenly erased my favorite episode of Katie Holmes on Punk'd and taped a strange "How to shave a pussy" video from Brazil instead.

I could go on and on. More Referral Ramblings to come.

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