Wednesday, September 08, 2004

A Katie Holmes Question

Boy Genius posed this question to me on his blog:
Here’s a curiosity question I’ll aim at Pauly, simply due to his fascination with Katie Holmes, but feel free to tell me what you think as well...

Let’s say a genie came out of a bottle and gave you a choice. You could have a weekend of sex with Katie Holmes once, but never see her again, or you could be gifted with amazing technique and ability, and have each sexual encounter be wholly fulfilling physically and emotionally for both of you – but you would never get a girl more beautiful than one who’s 10% uglier than the most average girl you’ve ever dated before in your life again.

I think I’m taking the ugly girl route. I mean, if I’m stuck dating a girl who’s 10% below my average girl ever, I’m not exactly getting me a beauty queen. That’s OK though, as I’m no blue ribbon winner either. And if we’re talking slighty above average sex for two days, versus a lifetime of incredible knee-buckling intercourse? I’ll take the latter.

I just had the impulse to rank all the girls I’ve ever dated on a scale of worst-to-first. And guess what? I’m censoring myself.
I have no idea how to answer that right now. Lemme think about it, BG, and I'll get back to you! Any suggestions frommy brilliant readers?

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