Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Wednesday's Politco Roundup: 48 Days

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With 48 days to go in the election, my gut feeling tells me that Bush is going to be President for four more years. John Kerry's camp blew the election after they failed to properly handle the Swift Boat mess shortly before the RNC. He should have blown it off, moved forward, and focused everyone's attention on domestic issues. Instead he whined and moaned which turned off older voters who are sensitive to Vietnam-era related issues, and pushed a slew of angry veterans over to the Bush side.

Bush beat Kerry to the punch and preyed on the fears of the voters. The message the RNC was clear, "Not everyone likes me. I don't give a shit about France. I make decisions and who's Al Qaeda more afraid of?"

Democrats or Republicans, we're all the same. Some people on this planet hates us because we're Americans. Four years of a different ruling party won't change the world's view.

This past week Dan Rather and CBS got their hands dirty in the latest Vietnam shit storm. Was someone trying to frame George Bush and foolishly used a computer to forge a 1970s era military memo? Or was someone trying to frame CBS? If anything this instance once again shows that two mainstream media giants, both the NY Times and 60 Minutes lack any credibility and professional integrity. Those organizations are full of pompous idiots who can't even accomplish simple tasks like fact checking. The NY Times and their anti-Bush administration agenda and 60 Minutes are on the same level the Weekly World News and Entertainment Tonight in my eye. And kudos to the blogging community who covered both the NYC-RNC protests and Dan Rather's Memogate better than all the major news organizations combined.

With less than 50 days to go Kerry's numbers are slipping. He keeps denying the fact that Bush's numbers took a huge bounce in the week after the RNC. And everyone knows the more John Kerry talks about Vietnam, the more people are giving up on him and moving towards Bush. His team thinks Kerry will smoke Bush in the debates. Who's really going to watch two rich stiffs debate about who had a bigger dick in 1969? Does anyone know when they'll be on? Most of the swing voters will be working their second jobs, or surfing online for porn or watching Kill Bill Vol. 2 during these televised debates.

We all heard Dick Cheney's assertions that a John Kerry Presidency will ensure a new attack. People were up in arms about that... but I happen to agree with our Veep. At least with Bush in office, you know some of the bad guys are constantly looking over their shoulder. But what I want to know is where the hell is John Edwards? He's been absent since the convention. Bubba Clinton went under the knife for heart surgery. That leaves only Hollyweird and Michael Moore left to stump for Kerry. On the other hand, the GOP is pulling out the big guns. Arnold. Rudy. McCain. They're flying all over America, pressing palms in swing states and talking up Bush to the picket fence crowds. I don't see ant of those Hollyweird hipsters rolling up the sleeves and mingling with the common folk at town hall meetings in small Ohio towns, nibbling on apple cobbler and chatting with the town's cheap-suit wearing Mayor. Seems like they're almost giving up on the Kerry bandwagon. They talk a good talk, but when it comes down to it... this Kerry campaign was like a bad Hollywood movie. The previews looked great however it lacked substance, had a poorly scripted plot, and was filled with redundant themes from shallow characters... but in real life, they won't have a happy cheesy ending tying up all the loose ends. Unless Michael Moore gets to direct the project.


Moore-itis is running ramapant through Hollyweird, or as one conservative writer dubbed it... Moore Disease. After the huge fundraiser at MSG a few months ago featuring plenty of musicians, it made me wonder, "How sincere are the celebrity supporters of Kerry?" I'm sure a large percentage of their support (much like Kerry's core supporters) is rooted in sheer hatred for our President, so they are of the NOT BUSH crowd. But like so many other trends in Hollywood, how many celebs are jumpping on the anti-Bush bandwagon? Out of "group think" mentality? For free publicity? Or because it's the cool thing to do like Yoga a few years ago, Kabbalah last year, and celebrity poker this year? Behind closed doors, celebrities, the real ones (none of this B-celebrity bullshit), the uber-rich snobs whop refuse to fly coach or have the picture snapped by paparazzi... might bash Bush to their friends and in front of the bright lights... but they have more to lose financially if a Democrat is elected into office. Cheney has been pushing forth the elimantion of the death tax and many other legislation in tax policy that favors the wealthy (and big business... and these people happen to own or have their hands in major studios and other business deals). Will Kerry the Liberal tax the rich and give away to the poor? Bush will protect their big bank accounts and on Election Day that's the last thing that goes through their mind after their limo driver dropped them off to vote. Those hypocrites mouth off on the hot trend du jour... but in the end, you can't trust anyone who makes more than $5 Million for a single film role. Actors at heart... are liars. The give away prizes every year for the best liar... it's called the Oscars.

At whole it's a good idea for celebrities to use their public popularity to encourage lazy Americans to get involved in politics... but there's a fine line in pushing forth their own selfish, political agendas, than encourage people to give back to their communities and immerse themselves in politics on three levels... international, national, and local.

Boo Birds

On a sad note, I heard that there were a few idiots in Texas who decided to show up at a candlelight vigil of a fallen solider. The anti-war protesters taunted his mother and booed and hissed her. That was uncalled for. You don't do that to the mother of a slain soldier. That young man died for their right to protest and assemble and watch cable TV, and that's how they thank his mother?

Ralph Nader finally got onto the ballot in Florida. With more votes getting pulled away from the arrogant Dems, it looks like Bush can now lock up that swing state after hurricane season ravished Florida and their residents focus is more on their personal situations than national politics. Yep, old man Nader is still hanging tough. Here's some interesting things that his site says about the crap he's been getting for three years about costing Al Gore the election in 2000:
Al Gore won the election in 2000. George W. Bush cost Al Gore the election.

No one is entitled to votes, they must be earned.

To say someone is a "spoiler" is to relegate all third-party and independent candidates to second class citizenship. American does not belong to two parties.

The Constitution does not mention parties.

This country had a rich history of third parties.

George W. Bush’s recount strategy in Florida cost Gore the election.

The deceptive butterfly ballot, which Democratic officials approved, cost Al Gore the election.

Katherine Harris-style purging of tens of thousands of non ex-felons from the voter roles cost the election.

A 5-4 U.S. Supreme Court stop of the recount cost Gore the election. (See Jeffrey Toobin’s book Too Close to Call).

Playing the "what if" game, Gore cost Gore the election in Tennessee, Arkansas, and each of the presidential debates.

Except for brief, progressive moments, such as at the convention, which helped his polls, Gore ran the usual, lackluster corporate Democratic campaign.

And they did. They voted for Bush, including more than 250,000 self-identified Democrats in Florida.

Moreover, a Democratic exit poll showed that Ralph’s votes came 25% from Republicans, 38% from Democrats, and the rest were nonvoters who would have only voted for Ralph.

In other words, more than sixty percent of Ralph’s voters would NOT have voted for Gore.

In New Hampshire, exit polls showed that Ralph "took more votes" from Republicans than Democrats, by a 2 to 1 margin.

If one accepts the flawed logic that suggests Ralph 'cost' Gore two states (New Hampshire and Florida), then it would also follow that Buchanan 'cost' Bush four states (Oregon, Iowa, Wisconsin, and New Mexico) in 2000.

CNN’s polling data said that if neither Nader nor Buchanan had run, Bush would have beat Gore 48 to 47 percent, with 4 percent who voted not voting.
Stop picking on Ralph about 2000. Without a third party's role in our government, our future will be continued to be ruled by first class assholes. Nader is trying to teach the Democrats a lesson and they're too smug to listen and include all those Americans who truly want a change in the entire system. And that's why Bush is going to stay in office. With 48 days left, there's no way Kerry can get his shit together to win this upcoming election.

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