Thursday, May 26, 2005

99 Things About Pauly

All of these were written by my friends, some of which have known me for almost 15 years and my brother who has known me longer. When I went away to Rhode Island to write last November, I asked some friends to help make up an "About Pauly List." I got over 200 responses in emails as they all listed of random things you don't know about me. I have seen it done on other blogs and felt weird about doing a list by myself. So I turned to my friends. (By the way, Boy Genius had written one of the better lists I've seen... 100 Things about Boy Genius.)

Since I'm heading off to Vegas in a week to attend a poker bloggers convention (the weekend before I'm supposed to start work), I decided to share this information with some of the bloggers I never met before. Here's their chance to get to know me better in one shot before we meet in Vegas for the first time. So here yo go. Enjoy.

99 Things...

1. Pauly probably still has several hundred dollars in Dutch bucks.... IOUs from one of his fraternity brothers that he amassed during poker games.
2. Once in late 1993, Pauly once ate more McDonald's in a month than the Supersize Me dude.
3. Pauly has no tattoos.
4. Pauly was the Ice Cream Man one summer in Atlanta.
5. Pauly does not own a watch.
6. Pauly won the dubious honor of "Schaeffer Warrior" in the early 1990s, in which he drank a full case (24 beers) of Schaeffer in one night, entitling him to wear the empty cardboard case on his head until sun-up.
7. Pauly's favorite Hollywood crush is Katie Holmes.
8. Pauly's Spades partner in college was Jon Schanzer. They were regarded as the second best duo in their fraternity and played an eight hour match once.
9. Pauly once won $2,500 in one hour at the Casino Magic in Biloxi, MS playing two hands of blackjack at once.
10. Pauly is mentioned the acknowledgements section in at least one published book.
11. Pauly saw Phish in Japan in 2000 with Beano and Senor where he met a really cool short Jewish guy in Japan and coincidentally his sister dated on of Pauly's friends in college.
12. Pauly used to teach chess to inner city kids.
13. Pauly was a scholarship student at Emory, but did not go to college on a hockey scholarship like internet rumors persisted.
14. One of Pauly's political science professors in college was former President Jimmy Carter.
15. Pauly has a nice ass.
16. Pauly has sniffed ether stolen from the chem lab in college.
17. Pauly followed the Grateful Dead and saw 46 concerts.
18. In 1999, Pauly's favorite TV show was Dawson's Creek.
19. Pauly has no piercings and does not wear any jewelry.
20. Pauly is a registered Independent, but is an active member of the Green Party.
21. Pauly voted for Ralph Nader in the 2000 and 2004 election.
22. Pauly worked on the campaign staff to re-elect Georgia congressman Ben Jones aka Cooter from The Dukes of Hazzard. Pauly also worked on the campaign staff to elect a Georgia state senator.
23. Pauly once played poker with Kato Kaelin at Foxwoods Casino.
24. Pauly's favorite writers include; Spalding Gray, Hunter S. Thompson, Milan Kundera, and Henry Miller.
25. Since he turned 18, the longest stretch Pauly's even gone without drinking or doing drugs has been 11 days.
26. Pauly loves drinking green tea.
27. Pauly loves donuts. He gave them up for over 500 days once during his infamous donut diet.
28. Pauly had extremely long black hair, and now it's all falling out.
29. Pauly fell asleep during a Midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture show.
30. Pauly's favorite film makers include; Jim Jarmucsh, Kevin Smith, and Hal Hartley.
31. Pauly drove from Philadelphia to Atlanta with a three-legged cat in the back seat.
32. Pauly has dropped acid at Graceland and Disney World.
33. Pauly thinks Stanton Moore from Galactic is the gretaest drummer in the world.
34. Pauly hates the song Squirming Coil as a encore at a Phish show.
35. Pauly worked at a Country Club in Atlanta, prepping the clay tennis courts every morning.
36. Pauly thinks that Dan Brown and David Sedaris are the most overrated writers in America today.
37. Pauly picks vegetables out of his Chinese food.
38. Pauly hates talking on the phone.
39. Pauly loves chicken.
40. Pauly loves pound cake.
41. Pauly's idea of fun is watching a marathon of Woody Allen movies and Kate Beckinsale movies.
42. Pauly lived in Park Slope, Brooklyn before all the hipsters moved in and drove up the rents.
43. Pauly met 3/4 of the members of Phish.
44. Pauly used to get stoned in Central Park during his lunchbreaks when he was a museum security guard.
45. Pauly has worked at three museums in there different cities.
46. Pauly met Willem de Kooning at a cocktail party.
47. Pauly's blogs are read all over the globe and his poker blog has developed a cult following.
48. Pauly once asked a Russian model to marry him. She committed suicide seven years later.
49. Pauly dips his cheeseburgers in ketchup.
50. Pauly is a snappy dresser.
51. Pauly loves to dance (even though he's not very good at it.)
52. Pauly wears two different colored shoes when he writes.
53. Pauly had a photographic memory.
54. Pauly met Jerry Garcia while working as a security guard at the Metropolitan Musuem of Art.
55. One of Pauly's lifetime goals is to ejaculate inside the Paris Hilton.
56. Pauly was interviewed by the CIA for a job when he graduated college.
57. Pauly studied Greek, Latin, French, and Russian in high school.
58. Pauly was the starting shooting guard of his fraternity intramural basketball team, once being named to the second team "All-Row."
59. Pauly pissed in a beer of one of his fraternity brothers that he hated.
60. Pauly and his fraternity brothers used to go to the Pink Pony strip bar for Sunday brunch.
61. Pauly loves Waffle House more than Denny's.
62. Pauly's favorite beer is Red Stripe.
63. Pauly's a good driver.
64. Pauly once had a portable clay pipe that looked like a cigarette.
65. Pauly used to live with two drag queens in Chelsea.
66. Pauly has neat handwriting.
67. Pauly refuses to call his friends by their real names, instead replacing them with nicknames.
68. Pauly gave Senor his nickname, but no one really knows why.
69. Pauly tried to win a seat in the 2003 and 2004 World Series of Poker but lost super satellites at Binion's.
70. Pauly penned the lyrics for several songs for the Japanese jam band called Horse.
71. Pauly would rather own a race horse than a dog or cat.
72. Pauly has more than one off shore bank account.
73. Pauly sleeps on the average of four hours a night.
74. Pauly rarely eats salad.
75. Pauly loves cheese fries.
76. Pauly does a killer Bill Clinton impersonation.
77. Pauly can make up really funny songs on the spot.
78. Pauly believes in aliens and that the mafia whacked JFK.
79. Pauly likes Canadian girls.
80. Pauly wrote the first draft to his first novel in less than 10 days.
81. There's a running theory that Pauly loves blondes.
82. Ivan the Russian cab driver appears in no less than three of Pauly's major writing projects.
83. Pauly applied to NYU Film School in 1994 and was rejected.
84. When he lived in Seattle, Pauly used to play poker in the kitchen of the house inhabited by the jazz band Kilgore Trout... otherwise called the Trout House.
85. Pauly wrote, directed, and acted in his first short film during his freshman year in highschool called Killer Rabbits... ironically for an English project.
86. Pauly only took one English class in college and it was a required class.
87. At Emory, Pauly got a C in the physical education class called: Stress Reduction and Relaxtion... but he got an A in Bowling.
88. Pauly used to work on the 8th floor of the World Trade Center on the trading floor of the NY Commodities Exchange.
89. Pauly has a bench warrant for his arrest in Mississippi because he failed to pay a $550 speeding ticket from 1998.
90. Pauly drove from NYC to Seattle with Senor in a car without a working stereo, nor a working air conditioning.
91. In 1999, Pauly drove from Vancouver, Canada to Ensenada, Mexico via I-5... seeing 8 Phish shows along the way.
92. Pauly wrote two screenplays for Project Greenlight.
93. Pauly is a self-taught painter.
94. Pauly's favorite Phish song is Slave to the Traffic Light.
95. Pauly has never read a Harry Potter book and loathes all forms of chick lit.
96. Pauly says "totally" a lot.
97. Pauly is currently addicted to Orange Gatorade.
98. Pauly prefers Summer over Marissa on The O.C.
99. Pauly can hold his breath for over two minutes.

That's it for now. Maybe in a few months I'll post... 999 Mean Things My Friends Said About Me.

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