Saturday, May 28, 2005

Pauly-AlCantHang IM Excerpt of the Week

Here's a sample of an IM chat that I had with Al Cant Hang during the other night:
AlCantHang: vegas is in for pure evil drunkeness
Pauly: lol im playin in a WSOP sat on full tilt for the $1500 event
Pauly: at the break im in 57th place w 148 players left
AlCantHang: nice. bracelet race?
AlCantHang: lol
AlCantHang: i'm having fun fucking with the retards watching razz
AlCantHang: i'm to drunk to chat. but sober enough to watch the tourney
AlCantHang: btw, 3.5 bottles consumed since 6pm
Pauly: not impressed
Pauly: u can do better
Pauly: you'll never survive in vegas
AlCantHang: lol
Pauly: u need to be putting down 5 bottles in 6 hours
Pauly: you're so fucked
AlCantHang: nice
Pauly: so soft
AlCantHang: how's gonna keep up with me?
Pauly: tag team
AlCantHang: no no no
Pauly: i have a team of four blogers
AlCantHang: that don't work
Pauly: me and chad will alternate
Pauly: shots
AlCantHang: nope
AlCantHang: one shot. one man
Pauly: many shots. many puking
AlCantHang: only one man can hang, and he's snoring on the sofa
Pauly: landow?
AlCantHang: bigmike!
AlCantHang: nobody can touch me right now
AlCantHang: i'm reggie jackson in october
Pauly: lol
AlCantHang: it's NOT GOOD
Pauly: even reggie struck out
AlCantHang: ok. here's my drunken line to you. i'm worried.....
AlCantHang signed off at 1:15 AM
Good Lord. Beware of a man caught in the deepest depths of a Southern Comfort binge. Al Came. Al Drank. Al Conquered. Then he passed out on the couch.

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