Friday, May 20, 2005

Friday Thoughts

I got a haircut this morning from my barber, Vinny. I've known him for almost 25 years. I went to school with both of his sons. I'm losing my hair. That must make him feel old. All we talked about was gambling. He goes to Atlantic City all the time. He'll be in Vegas this summer staying at the Rio just after the World Series of Poker ends.

I watched the season finale of The OC last night. Marissa definitely looks a lot healthier these days. To quote Jenna, "Her clothes actually fit on her this season." I was a little shocked about the ending. I didn't know that uber-rich girls with eating disorders and severe drinking problems could fire a gun with such accuracy.

At least a dozen non-geek friends of mine have seen the new Star Wars flick. Amazing. It's just a movie folks. I'm not planning on seeing it here in NYC. I'm going to save it for Las Vegas. I figure it would be a good distraction for me if work gets too stressful. Someone asked me if I had any pictures of Natalie Portman's shaved pussy. Nope. I do have random pics of Natalie Portman's shaved head.

I've been trying to squeeze in a lot of online poker since I got back from my three day bender in the Midwest. I am having tons of huge swings which is never good. For most of 2005, I was a losing poker player. I lost the majority of my bankroll in February and made it all back in March when I won more money playing poker that month than in the three previous months combined. Alas, April was a rollercaoster. This month, I can't seem to string together consecutive winning sessions. Once I get to Vegas, I'm going to stop playing online for at least two months. I wonder what it's going to feel like when I get home from work and decided to head out to a casino for a few hours?

Due to the popularity of my poker blog, I have been getting at least one book a week from publicity hounds who are trying to get me to write a "good review" for their client and post it on my blog. I decline about half of the requests. Only two books that have come my way are halfway decent. I played online poker with the author of one book and I expect to meet the author of another while I'm in Vegas. However, the remainder of the books I got pretty much suck ass. It makes me super depressed to think that those hacks have a book deal and I don't. At least, I don't today.

There is a published author out there who gave me two compliments in the last ten days. The one that sunk in the most was when he said that I write "brilliant fucking prose." Wow. Maybe that book deal can happen a lot sooner that I think, eh?

Yankees-Mets subway series starts tonight. Let's hope the Yanks can sweep.

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