Saturday, May 28, 2005

NYC Poker Rooms Busted

If you are from NYC or read F Train's blog regularly then you know that the two biggest card rooms in New York were raided on Thursday night. It's big news and even made the NY Times. Thanks to F Train who tipped me off yesterday.

Here are the related news articles.
Cops flush poker clubs (NY Daily News)
Clubs' losing hands (NY Post)
2 Manhattan Poker Parlors Are Raided and 39 Are Arrested (NY Times)
Poker clubs busted (NY Newsday)
If you are going to play in any of the clubs this wekeend, my suggestion is stay away for a week or so and let all the heat die down. In the meantime, head over to one of the many online card rooms, which are NYPD hassle free. For now, that is. Hit up Poker Stars and try to in a seat in the WSoP. Theya re also offering up a rare reload bonus. Party Poker is always full of fish too. You can't go wrong on either site. I'm digging the late night tables on Full Tilt. And even Noble Poker is running WSoP satellites.

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