Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Pauly-BG IM Conversation of the Week

I'm in NYC. Boy Genius is in Michigan. This is the conversation that took place within ten minutes of waking up.
BG: okay, need a patented pauly opinion
BG: dumb idea or not
Pauly: what is your girlfriend busy or something?
Pauly: i just woke up... shoot
BG: no, she's manning the j, k, l, and semi colon keys while i type
BG: anyway - the vegas after-party
BG: dumb idea to get a few of us
BG: to print out a favorite post
BG: and read them out loud to the group?
Pauly: man, what are we freakin beatnik poets?
Pauly: we're not sipping cappacinos in a cafe in montmarte, paris
Pauly: we're in as vegas dude
BG: well, i know i've got enough cringe-worthy stuff
Pauly: wow talk about ego boosting here
BG: ego has nothing to do with it
BG: consider it scrapped
BG: no, i thought it'd be fun
BG: and it's something i'd have no problem doing personally
Pauly: i encourage u to do it, im going to be too drunk to even pay attention
Pauly: good luck getting al cant hang's short attention span to give u 90 seconds
Pauly: while he's lining up shots for everyone
Two weeks til vegas. Wow.

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