Thursday, May 12, 2005

Thursday Link Dump: Yankee Stadium, Crazy Ice Cream Man, Donkey Races, and Norwegian Strippers

Since I'ma Yankees fan, I found this interesting. Wild pitch: Why does George Steinbrenner want to tear down the house that Ruth built? I don't like the move because the ghost of Yankee Stadium will not be as intimidating across the street. The coolest thing about Yankee Stadium is that you are watching the same spots where Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, and Mickey Mantle all played.

Brussel Sprouts is an op/ed from Thomas Friedman. He discusses North Korea and Iran having nucelar capability and the reactions (or lack of reactions) of the EU and China.

Crazy Ice Cream Man Attacks Fat Kid is something could only happen in Pittsburgh.

Norway courts decided that stripping is an artform. I hope to get me some Renaissance lap dances in Vegas. Man, this is just another reason for me to go to Norway.

Man, I need to check this out... Donkey Races in Mexico. I wonder if Daddy would like to hit that up?

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