Friday, May 27, 2005

Well fuck.

Zooma has been cancelled. Here's part of the email I got this afternoon:
The Zooma Tour was conceived to provide fans with an exceptional musical and entertainment experience. Due to unforeseen circumstances, it has become clear that it would not be possible to provide that experience at the level initially envisioned. Rather than go forward with a tour that falls short of what was conceived, everyone involved has mutually agreed that it is best to cancel the tour altogether.
I just bought a ticket from Las Vegas to Denver this morning because I thought I was going to see Trey, Ben Harper, and Galactic play at Red Rocks this July. The Joker and I were supposed to party it up that weekend.

The Joker sent me this tid bit... Trey will be doing a summer tour. I hope he hits Red Rocks at the same time he was supposed to. That way I don't lose out on those plane tickets.

I wonder if Vegoose is going to flounder as well?

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