Monday, May 16, 2005

Late Night Pauly

I've tried to switch gears and prep for Vegas by staying up very late. I went to bed just before 5 again last night. That means I'm waking up at 9 or 10 to write before I play poker online for a few hours while I eat lunch.

I played in a blogger's poker tournament last night and was knocked out early. Derek made it to 10th place. There's a nimrod who think's he's a smart and funny guy when he's so very not even close. He's a two bit hack and acted like a dick to Derek in a previous tournament and tried to pass off his behavior by saying he was "joking." Nice try. He tried to trash my buddy Iggy on his site and came off looking like a retard in the process. Anyway, BG was killing the nimrod in the chat. Seriously. BG looked like Barry Bonds teeing off on AA pitching. Here's a bit of BG's wit:
(what you're really trying to say) "i'm tweaked you bounced me and feel far inferior, please be psyched out by my banter"
BG was relentless. He was helping stand up for Derek because Derek was winning the tournament at that point and this assclown kept trying to get him on tilt with his "sarcasm." I got off on watching BG rip him to shreds. It was entertaining for sure. Hell hath no fury like an irked Boy Genius! Oh and the best part of this squabble... Derek knocked that guy out in next to last place. Karma, bub. That's it. I'm never wasting anymore time on that wannabe.

I took off at least a week from serious freelance writing. It felt good to write about music again and see a bunch of concerts. These days I feel that I'm digging myself a grave by becoming a poker writer. If I could make the jump over to sports writing, well that would be cool. However, I guess I always wanted to write about music and politics too. Alas, poker writing is paying the bills and covering my gambling losses and my thirst for travel.

I just cranked out an article on a British poker player named Devilfish. He's a nut. I almost got to play with him in Vegas last December. He's on the list of players I'd like to interview when I get to Vegas.

Recemt Writing Music...
1. Jimmy Cliff
2. Jack Johnson
3. Steely Dan
4. Django Reinhardt
5. Galactic

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