Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Tuesday Link Dump: Missing Toilets, Whitney Drama, Suing the Super Sized Guy, and Drunk Canadian Chicks

Norway Baffled by Toilet Heist is a mystery for sure. Our good friend Sigge could not be reached for comment.

Friedman Agonistes: Will the New York Times columnist read himself? is written by Timothy Noah and appears on Slate.com.

Morgan Spurlock, director of Super Size Me is being sued for $40 Million. You want fries with that?

Whitney Wants Plan A, but Says It Has Plan B discusses the expansion of the Whitney Musuem.

Avril LaVogne got drunk. Pauly likes Canadian chicks!

Here are some weird pics of Tom Cruise on Oprah. Katie Holmes came out, er she was dragged out by Tom at the end of the show.

Back onto celebrity gossip, Nick and Jessica are getting a divorce. Good for Nick.

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